Apr 4, 2018

Medical Issue




I just wanna know if someone here have the same experience with my medical? I just had my medical last August 17 at Al Muhaisnah then 2 weeks after, our secretary called me and said that I need to go back to the medical center because there is a problem with my medical. Medical center staff in Al Muhaisnah took another blood test and sputum sample (so I'd return there 3x for it). After all of it, I need to return there to get my medical result but sad to say, when I return there, I thought I can get my medical result but not yet. I went to room 5 in Block 7 and a staff asked me how long I am staying in Dubai and after that, a lady doctor talked to me and asked my medical history. I told her I have medical exam last May in my country and all are clear. She also asked if I'd take medication for a long time and if I have TB history and I said NO since its the truth. After all the questions, I thought everything are okay but she advised me to take a skin test last Sept 14 since they found lung scar. How could it be happen? My questions are: If found infected with TB, will I be deported? or treated since I never had a TB before? Can I also check and have x-ray done with another medical center and show it to them for comparison? Since I know from myself that I am in good health. Besides, I already have my medical in my country every year and everything are clear.


Any help will be apprecited.


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