Apr 4, 2018

Alliance Problems




It has been reported to us that there are several alliances having an issue seeing alliance members responding to help requests or alliance missions. All forms of assistance from the Moderators standpoint has been exhausted. All alliance leaders or members having this issue please respond to this thread so all the moderators and the developer can see it and respond accordingly. If the developer has a specific format for reporting this, please put up a specific announcement or thread with instructions.


Any help will be apprecited.


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Thank you.





Apr 5, 2018Edited: Apr 5, 2018



I’m not certain what sort of problems you are having. What ”help requests” or ”alliance missions” are you referencing? I have not seen any requests from you or anyone else from the moderators.


From one of your links at the bottom of your post, I think you are confusing the SUSAR Alliance with some other Alliance that is being referenced on the forum.dial911 forum. If you have any specific questions, please email me at scoffman@susar.org.



Oct 30


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