Organization         $250.00

  Includes 3 memberships


Corporate              $350.00


Group Membership and Rates

The Active Member Group is for other members from a fire service agency designated by their Fire Chief, Director, or agency head for participation in Association activities.


Join as a group for special membership advantages! Team members will get access to significant discounts on SUSAR programs available only to group members.


   3 Member Group $250.00

   6 Member Group $450.00

 10 Member Group $700.00


* Please contact SUSAR Headquarters for groups larger than 10.

Send check to:

SUSAR Alliance, c/o Rayanne Chamberlain

187 Superior Street, PO Box 157

Muir, MI  48860

3 Member Group

6 Member Group

10 Member Group


For Questions Contact:  SUSAR Alliance