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Pile With 100 Hides!

Crisis City has expanded its training facility to include a newly built simulated Light Framed Collapse Structure Venue. Crisis City is one of Kansas’ best kept secrets that is quickly becoming known as one of the best training facilities in the country! Nestled between Kansas wheat fields and suburbs, over 10 different training venues simulating thousands of disaster scenarios, ranging from pipeline breaks, collapsed structures and high angle rescues, await teams of emergency first-responders.

One of the newest training venues that Crisis City built is a pallet pile that simulates a Light Framed Structural Collapse. However, this is no ordinary pallet pile. It houses a multitude of elements that lend themselves to various training opportunities such as breech-and-break, crib-and-shore, confined space rescue, high angle confined space rescue, and K9 SAR operations, just to name a few. Not to mention this pile has 101 hides!

The skeletal structure underneath is made up of an intricate concrete tunnel system that winds through a labyrinth of pallets creating a multitude of voids for someone to access or, depending on the training scenario, be rescued. The pile covers 8,000 sq. ft. and is over 10 feet high with its highest point being almost 20’, which make this pile both FEMA Type l and ll, and SUSAR Type l and ll compliant.

Simply put, Crisis City is an awesome training facility with some of the most advanced training features in the United States and the addition of the new Light Frame Collapse Structure venue, just enhanced what they already had to offer. A huge thank you to Crisis City staff and the State of Kansas for supporting not only Kansas personnel, but the entire United States first responder community.

Article Written by:

Heather Swift

KSTF K9 Coordinator/KSARDA

SUSAR Canine Sub-Committee Member

Conceptual Drawings provided by:

Heather Swift

BFA, Interior Architect

Photographs provided by:

Crisis City, Salina Ks

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