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April 27, 2018

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The Criticality of Standards for Disaster Search and Rescue Capability

The International Association of Emergency Managers March Bulletin was a special focus issue on "How Changing Standards and Certifications are Impacting Emergency Management. 


SUSAR and FEMA US&R have been working on the development of the US&R Standard over the last two years. Recently, the US&R Standard was accepted as an ANSI Standard.  US&R Task Forces may now be assessed against an approved National Standard. 


The IAEM bulletin also featured an article on the importance of these standards for the search and rescue community. These Standards lead not only to the improvement of US&R resources around the country, but also leads toward the national cataloging of certified US&R response teams. 


Please take a look at the article here.


The Criticality of Standards for

Disaster Search and Rescue Capabilities


“This article was published in the IAEM Bulletin, March 2016, and is included here with the permission of the International Association of Emergency Managers, www.iaem.com.”

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