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CAPSTONE Project Complete

The Texas A&M Bush School of Government Capstone Project team has completed their report to the SUSAR Alliance Board of Directors. This project lays out a plan for the development of SUSAR over the next several years. The Capstone Project team is made up of Master program students from the school who have been working on the project since last September. The team produced a detailed report organized around six areas of concern:

1. Customer segments and needs

2. Portfolio of program services

3. Defined value propositions

4. Organizational leadership structure

5. Marketing and communication strategies

6. Sustainable revenue streams

The team provided detailed recommendations for the SUSAR Alliance in each of these areas. They did significant research, contacting over one hundred US&R organizations, State emergency management agencies, and vendors from around the county.

The SUSAR Board of Directors will be working to implement the recommendations over the next several years. Some of the recommendations will take some time to implement. Others will be implemented more quickly. Our goal is to make SUSAR more beneficial to our members and to the vendors and organizations that we work with. We will be publishing more information related to the project as we begin implementing various parts of the plan.

Our thanks go out to all of the team members and the faculty of the Bush School of Government.

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